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Lonedell R-XIV


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Standard Response Protocol

The Franklin County Sheriffs' Department along with the Lonedell R-14 School District is committed to ensuring the safety of our students at all         times. To keep our school a safe place, we have joined with the FCSD to take part in the Standard Response Protocol program.  This program is   headed by the I Love U Guys Foundation.                                             


For more information on the foundation, please visit their website

For more information on the school's safety plan, please contact Jenny Ulrich, Superintendent of Lonedell R-14 School District. 636.629.4974 X4.



The differentiation between Lockout and Lockdown is a critical element in SRP. A Lockout recovers all students from outside the building, secures the building perimeter and locks all outside doors. This would be implemented when there is a threat or hazard outside of the building. Criminal activity, dangerous events in the community, or even a vicious dog on the playground would be examples of a Lockout response. While the Lockout response encourages greater staff situational awareness, it allows for educational practices to continue with little classroom interruption or distraction.

Lockdown is a classroom-based protocol that requires locking the classroom door, turning off the lights and placing students out of sight of any corridor windows. Student action during Lockdown is to remain quiet. It does not mandate locking outside doors. There are several reasons for not locking perimeter doors during a Lockdown. Risk is increased to students or staff in exposed areas attempting to lock outside doors. Locking outside doors inhibits entry of first responders and increases risk as responders attempt to breach doors.

There may be situations where both Lockdown and Lockout need to be performed, but in this case they are identified individually. "Lockout! Secure the Perimeter. Lockdown! Locks, Lights, out of Sight." would be announced on public address. We are in "Lockdown and Lockout" would be conveyed to emergency services or 911.

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