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Lonedell R-XIV


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Be A Lonedell Leader

Lonedell participates in the Positive Behavior Supports Program.  Each student is expected to follow the matrix shown below to help keep Lonedell a great place to learn!


All Settings









Field Trip/


Science Lab

Sport / After School Events

Emergency Drills

Be Respectful

Use polite language


Use good manners


Follow Dress Code

Raise your hand and wait to be called on


Be a good listener

Walk quietly

(Bobcat Prowl)


Take care of items in the hallway (bulletin boards, couches, etc.)

Take turns


Include others

Use table manners and say please/ thank you


Clean up your area


Use an inside voice


Keep food on plate

Give others privacy




Use toilet paper and paper towels with care


Use your inside voice

Follow driver’s instructions


Enter and exit carefully


 Find your seat quickly

Keep food and drink away from Library/Lab


Use an inside voice


Always enter quietly

Be a good listener


Use good manners

Follow lab safety guidelines


Be a good listener

Cheer your team


Show good sportsmanship


Respect those around you

Stay seated and silent during performances

Listen attentively to all instructions


Respect those around you

Be Responsible

Follow directions first time given


Keep school neat and clean


Keep track of your belongings

Be prepared for class


Complete all assignments to the best of your ability

Return to class quickly


Be in classroom when bell rings(5th-8th)


Be honest


Throw trash in the trashcan

Have your lunch card ready (5th-8th)


Return tray or lunch box to proper place


Raise your hand and ask permission to leave your seat

Keep bathroom clean


Return quickly to class


Use assigned bathrooms


Turn off water

Be on time


Sit in assigned area


Have bus pass ready when riding different or new bus

Take care of items in the library/lab (books, computers, etc.)


Stay in assigned area

Keep  track of your belongings


Keep area clean


Ask “on-topic” questions

Use equipment properly


Use materials only when directed

Keep area clean


Know the event times (start/end)


Have a ride available

Remain Calm


Listen for announcement


Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself




Alert staff if visitor is not wearing a badge

Use materials correctly


Be where you belong

Banisters are for hands


Stay to the right

Use equipment as instructed


Keep rocks  on the ground

Report spills


Sit in assigned area



Find a seat and stay in it (7th-8th)

Wash hands with soap and water


Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself

Stay in seat


Keep aisle clear


Keep hands, head and objects inside


Load and unload appropriately

Use furniture and shelving as instructed


Follow internet safety guidelines

Stay in assigned area


Use buddy system


Follow rules of facility

Handle all materials with care

Stay in event area

Follow emergency procedures quietly

Be a Learner

Description: HAND.jpg

Participate in a positive way in your day


Follow the rules of the game